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Laser Snoring Treatment
Laser Snoring Treatment

No Devices. No Surgery. No More Snoring.

Quick Treatment to Stop Snoring

Finally, you can get rapid relief for snoring by stopping it at the source – without appliances, nose strips or other devices/products.

Laser Light Therapy with Solea Sleep technology at Hellertown Dental Group only takes about 5 minutes and gently tightens tissue in your soft palate to reduce the vibrations that cause you to snore. It’s a simple non-invasive treatment, so results are immediate, without any recovery time.

Laser Therapy for Snoring

Ultra-low Solea laser energy is used to tighten and stiffen collagen in the soft palate, reducing vibrations that cause you to snore. This quick, painless, non-surgical treatment provides rapid relief for most people who snore. Solea Sleep also reduces the effects of sleep apnea by decreasing the amplitude of snoring. The majority of patients report not feeling anything during the Solea Sleep procedure, while some report only a slight warm sensation.

Quick, easy, done in a single visit

Because of how fast Solea Sleep laser therapy works, the procedure is virtually painless and can be completed in just minutes. Many patients note that their airway feels more open immediately after treatment. It’s recommended that patients come back every 12-24 months to get a re-treatment, if the effects have worn off. As with any procedure involving the tightening of elastic tissue, results are not permanent as collagen in the tissue naturally relaxes or loosens over time. Solea Sleep can even be done quickly and easily at your regular hygiene visits.

Benefits of Snoring Laser Treatment

  • Significantly reduced or eliminated snoring
  • Increased daytime energy, better mood
  • Improved concentration, memory, learning
  • Better quality, deeper sleep
  • Eliminates morning sore throats and headaches
  • Reduced effects of sleep apnea
  • Stops disrupting partner’s sleep

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